Who We Are

FindersKeepers Talent was founded in 2015 by Iris Sullivan, who has spent over 10 years in the HR and Recruiting space.  When she noticed that outdated HR and recruiting practices were not matching up the right candidates to the right employers, she decided to open up a talent company that did things differently. Since then, FindersKeepers has worked with a wide range of clients to provide the very best candidates and people operations support in the Los Angeles area.


FindersKeepers specializes in providing a personalized and intuitive approach to placing candidates. The team listens to the client's needs while sourcing the best matches based on a combination of the candidate's personality, skillset, and the company culture fit instead of just looking at their LinkedIn profile. Once the right talent is brought on-board, FindersKeepers takes it a step further and helps clients keep that talent motivated and engaged by providing onsite work focusing on culture development, employee retention, long-term org strategy, HR compliance, and more. This service has helped FindersKeepers' clients off-load their HR function and focus on building and growing their company.  

FindersKeepers Talent specializes in tech and e-commerce startups across all roles and teams. All of these different verticals require the same thing: agility, flexibility, and the ability to pivot quickly based on changing demands at the company.  Every client is a custom order that requires tailor-made solutions to ensure all parties end up with the best possible match.

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