Three Things Job Candidates Want To Hear From A Recruiter

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Enthusiasm, honesty, and opportunity.  That’s what every candidate wants to hear when discussing a job opening.  These three areas should form the foundation of any introductory call that a recruiter or hiring manager makes to a potential job candidate.  Here’s why:




Job candidates want to hear that the position they’re applying for is an exciting opportunity, especially if they’re already employed and only passively looking for a new job.  It’s important to provide that energy when describing the role to them. It’s incredibly obvious, whether in-person or on the phone, when the recruiter or hiring manager is barely able to muster any sort of excitement for the role.  But showing energy while talking to the candidate will make the position, and the company’s mission, much more enticing.




Honesty ensures that both the company and the candidate are aligned on the role and the company.  Be honest about your company’s goals and purpose. If the business is building something that will help the world, that should be the focus.  Instead, if the goal is to make the most money possible, then proudly share those revenue goals with potential candidates. The right candidate will embrace your goals.


The same philosophy applies to the job position itself.  Companies that try to hide their problems or paint an idyllic picture of their business are setting the new hire up for failure.  Be realistic about the challenges that the candidate will face instead of hiding or glossing over them. Besides creating the right expectations for the role, it will also offer candidates an opportunity to think through solutions.




Finally, a candidate wants to know how their career will grow in the long-term by accepting a new position.  Be ready to discuss what the role can potentially lead to: management opportunities, executive grooming, skill development, ownership within the company, etc.  This shows the candidate that there’s a strategic vision for both the role and the company. A clear, mutual understanding of the available opportunity ensures a good fit between both parties.

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